SVH PORTAL Traveler Rewards Program

Travel rewards programs can help you to earn free credits just for choosing to spend your travel money through a particular program. Nearly every hotel chain and airline has its own rewards system but not all deliver much in terms of actual rewards. This is why we have created a travel rewards program free of fluff. 

Not all traveler rewards programs are created equal. Here at SVH Travel, our unique PORTAL Traveler Rewards Program was created with our clients in mind. Our program is geared to reward you based on your habits and needs. Read on to learn more. 

Every client of ours has a unique account, known as the Portal, in which they are able to accumulate points for booking. Here, clients can also look up information regarding their itinerary as well as quick information and tips, found on the support page. On this page, clients can be conveniently forwarded to the website of the airline they are flying with for easy access to information about check-in and to manage their bookings. 

The support page also features a Frequently Asked Questions section, with answers to questions about topics related to hotel transfers, adding a guest to a room booking, baggage fees, how to cancel or change a hotel booking and so on. 

How Are PORTAL Points Accumulated?

Points are accumulated on the portal after clients return home from their trips. These points are not subject to a holding period and are instead available for immediate redemption! Points can be converted into cash or a gift certificate. Clients who opt for an SVH Travel gift certificate get 10% more back to use toward more travel with us!

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