The best eco-friendly resorts in the world combine luxury with serious sustainability. Here’s a look at five amazing eco-friendly choices if you want to travel green.


Best Eco-Friendly Resorts

The best eco-friendly resorts are innovative, very green and very impressive. These hotels feature a range of attributes that save energy and support local communities. Others emphasize sustainability with the goal of reducing their carbon footprint to help the environment.


Eco-friendly resorts are also designed with much consideration.  Some are high-end luxurious while others are more rustic. Others have been built in unknown destinations while others make it a point of creating a business that gives back to the local villages or to protect endangered habitats.


What Eco-Friendly Resorts Offer

As more travelers believe in the importance of conserving the environment, eco-friendly resorts are offering the vacation options that aren’t wasteful. They do this by setting goals and following special program which offer a unique experience.  Here are some examples of eco-minded criteria to look out for:


  • Energy conservation
  • Renewable and alternative energy
  • Provisioning amenities
  • Composting   
  • Organic cotton towels and sheets
  • Guest towel and sheet re-use programs
  • Organically grown food
  • Locally harvested food
  • Education about green practices
  • Eco-friendly cleaning and laundry supplies
  • Recycling bins
  • Alternative guest transportation programs


Best Eco-Friendly Resorts Today

With those attributes in mind, the top eco-friendly resorts are attracting the green traveler of the future. Here’s a look at some of the most successful to date:


Whitepod, Switzerland



Whitepod is an eco-friendly resort with a focus on the luxury market. Set in the gorgeous Swiss Alps, this beautiful escape is far from any type of city pollution. The hotel uses as little water and electricity possible. Renewable resources are top of mind here.


What you’ll experience at Whitepod is a stay at one of the dome shaped tents, called pods, that offer low-impact stays. The tents are stocked with charming wood stoves, warm insulation, luxury furniture and beautiful bathrooms. The whole setting is like a winter wonderland facing spectacular views of Lake Geneva.  There are 15 pods in all that surround a wooden chalet. At the chalet, guests eat breakfast or can enjoy a beverage by a warm fireplace.


The URBN hotel



China’s first carbon neutral hotel is one of the most notable eco-friendly resorts in the world and Asia’s first.  The hotel’s décor is made entirely of raw, recycled and locally sourced materials. There’s energy efficient lighting and cooling systems.   


The hotel’s restaurant follows the same principles of sustainability by offering a delectable menu that sources a majority of its ingredients from local farmers. Dishes also incorporate free-range meat. An added feature to this green hotel is the lush rooftop garden.


The Hix Island House

Puerto Rico;


The environmentally friendly practices at this Puerto Rican getaway are impressive. The Hix Island House sources its electricity from solar panels. It also has a system to take recycled water from the guests’ showers to feed the guavas, bananas, papayas and other crops nearby. The hotel also features a beautiful pool and a garden where yoga classes are scheduled.


The Hix Island House is also stylish. There are 19 minimalist rooms spread over a 13-acre natural refuge.  The entire hotel is surrounded by lush trees and exudes the tranquility of nature. Even better, there are no TVs or phones to interrupt the Zen moments you’ll have during your stay.  


Phinda Forest Lodge

South Africa;


The Phinda Forest Lodge is set on the beautiful Phinda Game Reserve in Zululand on the South African coast of KwaZulu Natal.  The hotel features eco-sensitive programs that ensure the hotel keeps a light carbon footprint.


This hotel rooms are suspended in the Dry Sand Forest right under the shade of impressive trees.  Guests stay in glass suites with hand-crafted traditional Zulu touches. What makes them a fascinating experience is the view of the forest floor below them and the view of tree canopies above them. The property also features a sparkling rim-flow swimming pool and a viewing deck with panoramic views.


The Phinda Forest Lodge offers several programs that promote the protection of animal species living in Phinda Game Reserve which is 23,000 hectares (56,800 acres) of protected wildlife.  Phinda Lodge’s parent company is also known for sponsoring a land claim agreement that restored 9, 000 acres of land to ancestral people.



The LeFay Resort



The LeFay Resort in Italy is the first hotel in southern Europe to earn a Green Globe environmental certification. This makes it one of the top eco-friendly resorts in the world. It boasts impressive figures for overall consumption of renewable energy including 100% for electrical energy, 85% for thermal energy and 100% for room cooling. Le Fay also successfully utilizes waste management and water saving programs.


The property overlooks beautiful Lake Garda in Gargnano, Italy and is set within 11 hectares of hills and olive tree groves.


The design of the resort itself aims to promote personal wellness and health in innovative ways. For example, the surrounding woods and olive groves play essential roles in the mind and body relaxation programs on offer.   


Eco-Friendly Choices

That sums up some of the most innovative and eco-friendly resorts in the world. Did any pique your interest? Which one would you like to stay at during your vacation?


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